Peris - Forest Flame
Peris - Forest Flame
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Peris - Forest Flame

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Glossy, brilliant red young leaves gradually turn pink, creamy white, then dark green. In late spring, clusters of pretty, ivory, nodding bell-like flowers appear, resembling lily-of-the-valley. The fiery red young foliage of this upright evergreen shrub will add a splash of vivid colour to a shady shrub border or woodland edge. One of the best varieties, this Pieris needs a moist, well-drained acid soil and shade from morning sun.

Plant Size
• Mature Height:1.5m
• Mature Spread: 0.5-1m
• pot size: 2 litre

Why We Love It
• Compact evergreen shrub
• White fragrant flowers at the tips
• Foliage emerges with a glossy red color that changes to green as it matures

What To Know
• Soil: Well drained, rich, acid soil
• Position: Sun, partial shade
• Flower season: Spring
• Foliage Season: Evergreen
• Growth Rate: Fast
•Pot Size: 2 Litre
How to Care
• Water pieris deeply about once a week until established. The soil should be moist to about 3 inches deep in the soil. If it feels dry, water it. Avoid over-saturating the soil.

• Cut off any spent flowers with pruning shears. Trim back overgrown or diseased branches at their base as needed during the growing season; otherwise, Japanese pieris requires little pruning.