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Whitethorn Hedging Bareroot 100 Plants Bundle(60-80cm)

Whitethorn Hedging Bareroot 100 Plants Bundle(60-80cm)

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A popular native deciduous hedging plant also known as Quickthorn , Whitethorn, Hawthorn, or May Blossom.
The clues are in the names - its thorny and it flowers in May.
This is the hedge of Irish Farm Fields. Plant as part of a foraging hedge for wildlife.
It heralds the arrival of spring, by bursting into leaf within a few days of the initial buds appearing, has an abundant and spectacular display of white scented blossom, and it develops glossy red haws in autumn, which sustain our native birds.

It is quite fast growing (approx 45cm p.a.) so it needs to be trimmed after flowering or in the autumn.
Hawthorn is suitable for ALL soil types and ALL sites other than dense shade or very wet soils.
Plant 30cm apart (1ft)
Beech either in tree or hedge form is a popular but glorious sight around the country and is an extremely smart option for a hedge and windbreak, being semi-evergreen with its striking autumn/winter colours and also as a tree with the added benefit of giving some coverage in the winter months

- Site: Requires some shelter
- Soil: Any good well-drained soil
- Position: Full sun or partial shade
- Season of Interest: Fresh purple foliage in Spring, brown leaves on hedges in Winter
- Hardiness: Hardy
- Expected Height  80-115ft (25-35m) Spread: 40ft (12m) if unpruned
- Hedging Spacings: 1ft (30cm) for hedges up to 4ft. Space 18in to 2ft (45-60cm) apart for hedges 4ft+

    Price: Bundle Deal  €0.95 per plant (sold in bundle of 100 for €80)

    Size: 60-80cm

    Type: Bareroot

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