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Green Beech - Fagus syl. (100 plant Deal)

Green Beech - Fagus syl. (100 plant Deal)

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Beech either in tree or hedge form is a popular but glorious sight around the country and is an extremely smart option for a hedge and windbreak, being semi-evergreen with its striking autumn/winter colours and also as a tree with the added benefit of giving some coverage in the winter months

- Site: Requires some shelter
- Soil: Any good well-drained soil
- Position: Full sun or partial shade
- Season of Interest: Fresh purple foliage in Spring, brown leaves on hedges in Winter
- Hardiness: Hardy
- Height: 80-115ft (25-35m) Spread: 40ft (12m) if unpruned
- Hedging Spacings: 1ft (30cm) for hedges up to 4ft. Space 18in to 2ft (45-60cm) apart for hedges 4ft+

    Price: Bundle Deal  €2.50 per plant (sold in bundle of 100)

    Size: 60-80cm 

    Type: Bareroot

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